Antennas & Mechatronics

For over 50 years, MT Aerospace subsidiary MT Mechatronics GmbH has been making a name for itself around the world as system supplier for communication antennas, radio and optical telescopes, as well as mechatronic equipment for industry and research institutes.

One of its most outstanding recent references is the participation in  the largest radio telescope project ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) in the Chilean Atacama desert and the construction of a telescope with a diameter of 64 meters on Sardinia.

The medical sector also profits from the customized solutions born out of the unique  knowledge, for example with the first rotational gantry for ion ray cancer therapy at the university clinic of Heidelberg.


Project: Construction of a new radio telescope in Sardinia

Company: MT Mechatronics GmbH


A contract was received for planning and building the largest radio telescope in Italy with a reflector diameter of 64 meters and for transporting and assembling the parts in the South of Sardinia near Cagliari.

The circular rail with a diameter of around 40 meters was delivered to the site in parts and welded together with a planeness tolerance of +/-0.5 mm. The total weight of the structure stands at around 3,200 tons. The active surface of the primary mirror comprises 1,008 aluminum panels, the height of which can be adjusted by means of 1,116 actuators depending on their elevation. The azimuth and elevation drive control systems are also being delivered.


The contract was completed upon acceptance of the telescope by the customer and the beginning of operation at the end of 2011. 



Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) (Customer)