Human Spaceflight

At the same time, it has gained a unique position not least of all thanks to its status as the only European company in the human space flight segment to be involved in all payloads and laboratories for the Columbus module of the International Space Station ISS.

The European Columbus module was transported to the International Space Station (ISS) on board the US Space Shuttle Atlantis in February 2008. OHB assembled the entire harness for the European space laboratory and is, in fact, the only European company to be involved in the development of all the scientific research facilities for the COLUMBUS module (e.g. EPM, FSL, ETC). In addition, it is supplying the first biological experiment for the European space research laboratory.

Developed by OHB-System, the Flywheel astronaut fitness device was shipped to the Kennedy Space Center in mid June 2007, where it was examined and tested for use on board the ISS.