Business Divisions

The Group

OHB SE is the first listed technology and space group in Germany with a history spanning 36 years. Two business units offer international customers sophisticated solutions and systems:

Space Systems 

Within the „Space Systems" corporate division our focus is on the development and implementation of space projects. In particular, this refers to the development and manufacturing of low earth orbit and geostationary orbit satellites for navigation, scientific, communication and earth observation purposes, including scientific payloads. In terms of human space flight involving astronauts, the focus is on projects aimed at equipping and operating the International Space Station (ISS), Columbus and ATVs. Within the context of exploration, amongst others, our experts prepare studies and concepts for exploring our solar system with an emphasis on the moon and Mars. Beyond this, high-performance reconnaissance satellites, as well as broadband wireless transmissions of image reconnaissance data make up our core technologies for security and reconnaissance purposes. 

Aerospace + Industrial Products 

The „Aerospace + Industrial Products" corporate division places emphasis on the manufacturing of products for aviation and space travel, as well as electronic data transmission. In this regard, OHB has positioned itself as a  significant equipment provider for aerospace structures for aviation and space travel and, amongst others, is Germany's largest supplier to the Ariane 5 programme and an established manufacturer of sensitive components made of highly heat resistant nickel based alloys and titanium for aircraft engines. Electronic data transmission systems deployed throughout the world additionally provide global logistics support through efficient transport management and shipment tracking.