Space for Career


OHB SE is Germany’s first listed space flight and technology company. With more than 2,000 employees in Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Belgium and Luxembourg, OHB is one of the top players in the European space technology industry.

OHB subsidiaries are mostly mid-sized companies with a strong vocation for internationality because of their being part of a fast growing international group. Career opportunities at all locations have an international appeal where you will find a potent corporate structure with flat hierarchies and short decision-making routes.

A lively and fascinating environment aiming at becoming a truly global organization made up of outstanding people with a broad range of interests, talents and motivations.

We are involved in all the imaginable fields in the space business — which means there are countless new challenges and opportunities for our people and for newcomers. Our activities encompass satellites, manned spaceflight, exploration, ARIANE launch systems and security/reconnaissance technologies, we specialize in developing and implementing payloads, scientific equipment and devices for aeronautics/aerospace, aerospace structures, ground stations, launchers and a lot more.

In short a corporate environment, also at local level, with numerous opportunities to thrive. Outstanding career opportunities are envisaged for all experts especially Project Managers and Systems Engineers. The first considered to be the guiding force behind the successful achievement of advanced, innovative space systems and the latter the combination of the art and science of developing operable space systems that meet  requirements within imposed constraints, maintain technical integrity and satisfy customer expectations.

OHB SE, has built successful businesses through its over 30 year long experience by encouraging investment in knowledge-based businesses across the space industrial spectrum, a strong focus on innovation and its commitment to investing in one of its major assets: people and related performance.

Employee’s skills and performance are critically important to the continued success of OHB, because of its knowledge-based and technology-driven business. Human Resources at OHB are strongly committed to ensure that Projects have at all times people with the required skills and knowledge.

OHB is a thriving international business that provides employment for people with a wide range of skills. The sophisticated technological nature of its projects and the related innovative skills will propel you to new heights in your professional and personal development. By working in multi-discipline project teams, you will enjoy a high degree of scope for creativity, independence and self-initiative. We offer you the opportunity of unleashing your creative potential, participating in a wide range of different project teams and organizing your work processes on a largely autonomous basis.

Professionals from all over the world willing to relocate will surely find a suitable opportunity of professional growth in one of OHB SE’s subsidiaries.

For further information please contact:

Human Resources
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28359 Bremen